About Us

About Us

Madeleine's Creams and Ointments is a family-run business based in Sussex, England.

Developed by experienced health practitioner Madeleine Grove, the creams and ointments are the product of over twenty years research into a range of skin problems, from eczema and psoriasis to cracked nipples and nappy rash.

Try Madeleine's Creams on dry skin, scars, eczema, psoriasis, sore nipples, urticaria/itchy eruptions, and burns. They are fantastic after sunbathing or waxing, and as a facial cleanser/make-up remover for all skin types.

Try Madeleine's Ointments on nappy rash, cold sores, chapped skin, cracked nipples, cuts and scrapes, or as a natural lip balm.

Both Madeleine's Creams and Ointments are excellent for anyone who works outdoors, in centrally-heated/cooled offices, in hospitals/surgeries, or in any job that requires hands to be washed several times a day.

Each handmade product contains organically-grown herbs: Calendula (marigold), Urtica (nettle), Stellaria (chickweed), as well as Graphites (mineral carbon), Vitamin E oil, and flower and colour essences.

Madeleine's Creams and Ointments now contain Siberian Cedar Nut oil, cold-pressed using manual wooden oil presses.

Original Madeleine's Cream and Ointment is unperfumed so can be stored and used with homeopathic remedies. A scented version of the creams and ointments, laced with organic Rose Geranium and Lavender essential oils, is now available. 

If you have queries or comments regarding anything to do with Madeleine's Creams and Ointments please email herestoyourhealth@hotmail.co.uk