Delights in the Hedgerows

Delights in the Hedgerows

Hawthorn tips are lovely to nibble as you walk; they're full of vitamin C and iron. Their old country name was "bread and cheese."

Dandelion flowers are beaming at us, radiantly signalling the perfect time to eat the flowers and leaves - pile them in a salad, or even better, pick the flowers when they are open in the sunlight and munch them as you walk - fresh, free flower essence.

Jack-in-the-hedge, or Hedge Garlic, has a more delicate perfume and flavour than the better known wild garlic (Allium ursinum).  Hedge Garlic is rich in mustard oils which have a warming effect throughout the body. It has a wonderful quality: it speeds up liver metabolism. Stimulating when eaten raw or juiced, this is great for hangovers and generally if you're feeling a bit jaded.

Nettles are always plentiful at this time and still tender. Use them as fresh spinach - lovely in quiches, or pour hot water over the leaves to make a Spring blood-cleansing tea.

Hogweed leaves are unfurling, the young, delicate shoots at the centre are best - fry them in butter for a flavour like prime asparagus... mmmm, the taste of Spring!

We might spot some on our next Herb Walk, Thursday, 17th May in central Forest Row – join us if you can! Email, or phone 01342 826 965


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