May leaves, sweetness remains

May leaves, sweetness remains

  "May blossom is still with us so it's a good time to look at our own sweetness. May (Hawthorn) leaves and flowers help regulate sugar uptake across the digestive tract wall. By tonifying the gut lining, they can aid in stabilising insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

As a society we are getting too sugary, so herbs like Silverweed, Hawthorn, Strawberry, (all in the Rose family) as well as Burdock and Bugle, are very good general tonics. 

'Silverweed' has lovely arched silvery leaves, then for a short while, little golden flowers appear - the moon and sun together...

These herbs can assist our whole system to work more efficiently and so help reduce cravings or the need for quick-fix energy sources." - Herbal wisdom from Ben Fairlight Edwards, The Barefoot Herbalist

Learn more about the wild food and medicine in our hedgerows on our next Herb Walk Workshop, Thursday 19th July 2012

For further details or to book, email or call me on 01342 826 965


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